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It is always the right time, and it is never too late, to prepare estate planning documents to ensure that your spouse, children and grandchildren will receive the benefits you wish to leave them.

A carefully drafted will designates your chosen executors and provides for burial arrangements, distributes your estate to your designated beneficiaries, and establishes the necessary trusts for minors or beneficiaries who suffer from a disability. The need for a will is equally or more important in a common law relationship or second marriage situation in order to avoid costly estate litigation between competing claimants.


Powers of attorney for property and personal care are essential to determine who will manage your affairs during periods of physical or mental incapacity.

Getting these simple documents professionally prepared may save thousands of dollars in litigation costs and lessen the burden on family members.

In addition to the will and the power of attorney, we assist in the preperation of the following:

  • Codicils (changes to a will)
  • Mutual Will Agreements
  • Secondary and Corporate Wills

Fees vary depending on time and complexity. The cost of a basic Will starts at $200.00 plus HST. The cost of a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Power of Attorney for Property is $100.00 each plus HST. In most cases, these documents can be prepared within 10 business days.

Please contact Neubauer Law Office at your convenience to review the appropriate terms of your estate planning documents.