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Wills And Estate Planning

It is always the right time, and never too late, to prepare estate planning documents to ensure that your spouse, children, and grandchildren will receive the benefits you wish to leave them.

A carefully drafted will designate your chosen executors and provide for burial arrangements, distribute your estate to your designated beneficiaries, and establish the necessary trusts for minors or beneficiaries who suffer from a disability. The need for a will is equally or more important in a common law relationship or second marriage situation to avoid costly estate litigation between competing claimants. Our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers can execute the will, providing your family peace of mind.


Powers of attorney for property and personal care are essential to determine who will manage your affairs during physical or mental incapacity.

Preparing these simple documents professionally to take care of your Wills and Estate Planning may save thousands of dollars in litigation costs and lessen the burden on family members. Our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers will ensure that the small print is read and you can execute your power of attorney efficiently.

Why Choose Our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers?

Extensive Years of Experience: With over 52 years of combined experience, our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers provide our clients with quality and reliable Legal services.

  • Reliable Advice: Our Wills & Estate Planning Services provide sound, honest, and reliable advice.
  • Always Available: Our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers staff are always available to answer questions and deal with delicate issues.
  • Educate You: At Neubauer Law Office, our Wills & Estate Planning Services ensure that clients can make informed decisions regarding all issues related to Wills and Estate Planning.

Mutual Will Agreements

At Neubauer Law Office, we excel in the intricate art of comprehensive estate planning, particularly in crafting Mutual Will Agreements. Recognizing the significance of this aspect in safeguarding the interests of spouses or partners, our dedicated Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers provide meticulous assistance throughout establishing these crucial agreements.

Mutual Will Agreements stand as a vital cornerstone in the realm of Wills and Estate Planning. Our experienced Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers ensure the creation of legally binding agreements that outline specific provisions committed to by both parties. This commitment serves to fortify the distribution of assets, ensuring alignment with the agreed-upon terms and fostering a sense of security in your estate plan.

Our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers bring their legal expertise to bear on Mutual Will Agreements, ensuring utmost clarity in language and addressing potential complexities. We understand the importance of peace of mind in estate planning, and our professionals work diligently to secure and respect your wishes throughout the process.

Trust Neubauer Law Office for the meticulous drafting and expert advice necessary for Mutual Will Agreements tailored to your unique circumstances. Our commitment to excellence in Wills and Estate Planning shines through as we navigate the legal intricacies, providing a comprehensive and secure foundation for your testamentary intentions.

Secondary and Corporate Wills

Effectively navigating the intricacies of secondary and corporate wills necessitates a specialized understanding of estate planning. At Neubauer Law Office, our esteemed Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers stand as pillars of expertise in this nuanced domain.

Secondary will play a pivotal role in estate planning, particularly for individuals with specific assets not covered by the primary will, such as foreign holdings or interests in private corporations. Our adept Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers ensure that your secondary will align seamlessly with the primary document, thereby averting potential conflicts and streamlining the probate process. We recognize the importance of maintaining harmony within your testamentary intentions, and our professionals work diligently to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive estate plan.

Moreover, our Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers showcase their proficiency in crafting corporate wills, addressing the unique considerations accompanying business succession. Crafting a corporate will requires a strategic and informed approach, and our professionals bring unparalleled expertise to this aspect of estate planning.

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Fees vary depending on time and complexity. The cost of a basic Will starts at $250.00 plus HST. The cost of a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and a Power of Attorney for Property is $100.00 each plus HST. In most cases, these documents can be prepared within 10 business days.

Mutual Will Agreements

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