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Collaborative Practice

Colin T. Neubauer is a qualified Collaborative Family Law Professional and a member of Collaborative Practice Durham Region.

What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is a cost effective, problem solving approach to dealing with family law matters that can minimize the impact of conflict on you and your children. You will be supported by professionals with the right expertise to guide and inform you throughout your family law matter. The Collaborative process is specifically designed to achieve an amicable resolution without the use of the court system.

The results are legally binding agreements (domestic contracts) that resolve the family law issues faced by you and your family. With the information and guidance you need, you are empowered to make the sound, informed decisions necessary to resolve your family law matter.

The Collaborative process preserves your privacy and your dignity while giving you the best possible chance at resolving your disputes respectfully.

Why Choose the Collaborative Process?

  • Avoid long, difficult and often expensive court proceedings.
  • Focus on problem-solving and finding respectful resolution.
  • Create personal, cost effective solutions that are right for you and your family. 
  • Protect the well-being, needs and best interests of your children.
  • Receive the support and information you need from your specially trained team of Collaborative professionals.

Not all family law matters are suited for the Collaborative process. Please contact us at your convenience to schedule a free consultation and find out if the Collaborative process is right for you and your family.